About The Pet Girl

My name is Brittany and I am The Pet Girl


If you asked me a 10+ years ago what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I had absolutely no idea; I just knew that animals HAD to be a part of it. 

As a long time dog owner, I had always taken a responsible approach to my dogs’ health and wellbeing, opting for a more natural approach to their lifestyle and more specifically their diets.

I found that I was always asking questions beyond the norm and I quickly realised that a lot of the questions I was asking, nobody really knew the answers to. The more I researched and learnt, the more I wanted to share, and this is how The Pet Girl came about.

My goal is to help pet parents be informed and smart about pet ownership and do the very best they can. I want to create a generation of pet parents that value having fit, healthy and confident pets that not only survive through life, but absolutely THRIVE.

I will always continue learning and expanding my education to be able to deliver the most up date information and current training. My current certifications and achievements are:

  • Certified Dog Trainer – National Dog Trainers Federation
  • Certified Fear Free Professional – Fear Free Pets
  • Certified Canine Athlete Specialist – Northeast K9 Conditioning
  • Certified Animal Nutritionist – Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation
  • Certificate in Canine Health Coaching – Academy of Canine Health Sciences*
  • Raw Dog Food Specialist – Dogs Naturally University
  • Certified RSPCA Approved Pet Sitter – RSPCA QLD
  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collar Knowledge Certificate – IACP/ Herm Sprenger
  • Pet First Aid Certificate of Attainment – Pet Industry Association Australia
  • Trigger Point Therapy and Massage Certificate of Attainment – Tami Sports Practitioner
  • Blue Card – Working With Children
  • First Aid/ CPR – First Aid Australia

*In Completion


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