About The Pet Girl

My name is Brittany and I am The Pet Girl.

Every pet enthusiast will tell you that their story began with a love for animals. Mine is no different.

As a long time dog owner, I had always taken a responsible approach to my dogs’ health and wellbeing, opting for a more natural approach to their lifestyle and more specifically their diets. Disappointed with the lack of variety and quality on the market, my husband and I began our journey as raw dog food manufacturers. It was very quickly in this experience that I learnt that the pet industry didn’t need another pet food manufacturer; it needed education.

Rodney Habib, who is arguably the world’s biggest pet blogger, states “when pet owner’s know better, they will do better”. And he is completely correct. When pet owners have the knowledge to make educated decisions in all areas of their pet’s life, they more often than not, make a better decision; one that promotes good health and well being.

Through my personal experiences, formal training, hours of research and trial and error, I aim to deliver the most up date information and current training to enhance your pet’s health and well being and ultimately creating an unforgettable pet parent along the way.

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