What is my training style?

Navigating dog training styles is up there with bringing up religion, politics and sexuality at a Christmas dinner. Which is why I do not and will not subscribe to one particular ideology at the detriment of a dog. The way I work is to motivate the dog and reinforce desired behaviours. I want the dog to WANT to do the work. Nothing is more ‘icky’ in my eyes, than seeing a dog unmotivated and lacking enthusiasm in their training.

My training style is always developing as I learn more and my approach will vary depending on the dog, you as the owner and what is realistic and achievable. I draw on techniques and training concepts from multiple places, professionals and ideas; some of the training I do isn’t even specific to animals! At the end of the day, a dog’s welfare, happiness and relationship with you is the most important thing to me.

In short: A motivating model…