Immune Boosting, Cancer Preventing Dog Treats

Immune Boosting, Cancer Preventing Dog Treats

If you take a quick look in your fridge or freezer, there are so many ingredients that can be whipped together to make awesome healthy dog treats. This is how I came up with this immune boosting, cancer preventing dog treat recipe.

You will only need four ingredients, a blender and cute silicon moulds or ice cube trays.


  • Bananas (4)

Bananas are the immune boosting fruit of goodness. Packed potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, biotin, and copper for both dogs AND humans. Bananas are great for skin and coat health.

  • Blue Berries (1 Cup)

Blue berries have incredible antioxidant capacity and are especially rich in anthocyanin which fights free radical build up in our dog’s bodies causing oxidant stress associated with cancer. Blue berries are also a fantastic anti ageing fruit.

  • Raw Goat’s Milk (500ml)

Goat’s milk contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids. Raw goat’s milk is a particularly easily digested probiotic that can assist with gut health, especially when cultured with kefir grains. If you can’t find raw goat’s milk, most super markets stock goat’s milk in the milk section.

  • Coconut Oil (4tbs)

Coconut oil has an absolute a ray of health benefits for our dogs boosting skin and coat health, immune system, digestive system and musculoskeletal system. Check out this awesome article by Dogs Naturally Magazine on the full benefits of coconut oil. I personally use organic cold pressed coconut oil.

Where possible source organic fruits. For cute food grade silicon moulds click here.



  • Simply blend all the ingredients together
  • Pour into the silicon moulds
  • Freeze
  • Serve as a treat or as a fresh food inclusion to your dog’s dinner.

For more DIY recipes, check out my blog.