Book As You Go

Book As You Go is a great option for pet parents that are struggling with something specific, or want to trial me as a trainer. Just like when you look for a personal fitness trainer, it is important to gel with your trainer and be confident they are the right fit for you and your dog. Below is the way in which I conduct my one off training sessions.

Initial Training Assessment:

Prior to commencing private training sessions, an Initial Training Assessment is conducted. The purpose of the Initial Training Assessment is for me to establish the dog’s training suitability.

This session runs for approximately 90 minutes and costs $180.00 AUD.

What Comes With Your Initial Session:

  • Initial phone consultation discussing issues and concerns.
  • FREE nutrition consultation (valued at $150.00)
  • Email written guide of everything covered in your session, plus any bonus eBook materials or lifestyle handouts.
  • Homework designed to fit into your schedule to continue to develop training.
  • Access to an exclusive ‘client only’ Facebook group for ongoing support and guidance.
  • Ongoing phone, email or text support after your session.

Follow Up Private Training Sessions

Follow Up Private Training Sessions are only conducted following the completion of an Initial Training Assessment. The purpose of these sessions is to develop strategies and implement training techniques to assist with problem behavior.

These sessions run for 60 minutes at a rate of $100.00 AUD per hour. 

After each session you receive follow up training notes and ongoing support.


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