That Dog School

Two of the Gold Coast’s most passionate Certified Dog Trainers, have teamed up to provide you with THAT DOG SCHOOL:
Group classes delivered in an 8-week course on the Gold Coast.

The courses not only provide you with the skills to effectively communicate to your dog, but they are designed to give you REAL LIFE skills to help you and your dog navigate through life together.

That Dog School places an emphasis on effective socialisation in order to develop a confident and well-balanced dog. We cover:

  • Appropriate Dog to Dog Greetings
  • Unusual Looking Humans
  • Mowers, Blowers and Yard Tools
  • Mops, Brooms and House Hold Cleaning Tools
  • Bikes, Skateboards and Scooters
  • Different Surfaces


We cover the basic obedience skills that will enable you to have effective control of your dog:

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Recall
  • Middle

You will also be trained in other important aspects of pet ownership:

  • How to Play With Your Dog
  • Conditioned Relaxation
  • Crate Training
  • Place/ Mat Training
  • Nutrition
  • Skills for the Vet Clinic



Our next Junior Dogs course will commence on Saturday the 5th of October.


The course location will be at Fetch ‘n’ Fun Wellness and Daycare facility located at 1/26 Expo Court, Ashmore. 


Group A (Junior Dogs 5 months – 1 Year): 8:00am – 9:00am

Group B (Junior Dogs 1 year and older): 9:15am – 10:15am


The 8 week Junior Dog course costs $280.00 which includes additional course content and access to a private Facebook support group.

To secure a spot for our next course, send and enquiry to contact us.

Meet Your Trainers:


The Pet Girl

Brittany, The Pet Girl is a Certified Dog Trainer and Animal Nutritionist. Brittany takes a whole dog approach when it comes to training, assessing every aspect of a dog’s life to evaluate behavioural problems. She places emphasis on good health and wellbeing in her training with a focus on nutrition.

Muttley Crew Dog Training & Behaviour

Julia from Muttley Crew Dog Training & Behaviour is a Certified Dog Trainer. Julia specialises in puppy development and establishing a meaningful relationship with your dog. She places an emphasis on play and how it is utilised in training as well as the role conditioned relaxation has in creating a well-balanced dog.


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